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Members are advised that the Annual General Meeting of the VPFA Ltd will he held on Sunday 12th December 2021 commencing at 1.00 pm at Tabcorp Park 2 Ferris Rd  Melton Victoria.

The AGM will be immediately followed by a General Meeting of the membership.

Please note that venue will require proof of double vaccination or a valid exemption prior to entry.

There is a  Bistro at the Tabcorp Park and  also accommodation is available. Come for lunch beforehand and enjoy a nice meal in pleasant surroundings.

Please note if coming for lunch you need to book a table.

Tabcorp Park Phone: 03 8746 0600

                          Notices of Motion for the Annual General Meeting of the VPFA Ltd 2021

Motion A: Seeks to amend  current rule and allow electronic banking with approved signatories.

Background for this motion is that currently the Board can only make payments using cheques. With approved signatories being in different areas of Victoria and cheques being phased out, it would be more practical to be able to pay accounts online. All online payments would still have to  be approved by 2 signatories.

Amended at AGM on 4th December 2016 and lodged with ASIC  in 2020.

That the number of signatories required to sign on the VPFA cheque accounts be reduced from the current any three of the four authorized account signatories to any two of the four authorized signatories.

44.2  Payments from the Company may only be made by cheque signed as follows:

44.2.1  Cheques paid from the General Working Account must have 3 signatures, one of whom must be the Treasurer and the other two of whom must be directors.

44.2.2  Cheques paid from the APS Account must have 3 signatures, one of whom must be the Treasurer, another of whom must be the Chairperson of the APS Committee and the other of whom must be another director.

44.2.3  Cheques paid from the Exhibitors Account must have 3 signatures one of whom must be the Treasurer, another of whom must be a member of the Exhibitors Fund Sub-Committee and the other of whom must be another director.

Motion A:

“44.2  Payments by the Company may be made by cheque / electronic transfer and approved as follows:

44.2.1  Payments from the General Working Account must be approved by 2 signatories.

44.2.2  Payments from the APS Account must be approved by 2 signatories.

44.2.3  Payments from the Exhibitors Club Account must be approved by 2 signatories.”

Moved: Alf  Woods                                             Seconded: Roger  Hancock     


Motion B:

“To have all the financial records of VPFA /Poultry Stud Breeders & Exhibitors to audited by an independent body.”


Moved     Brett Batcheldor                        Seconded   John Hunt


Proxy Voting

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still vote by proxy. Please find attached a proxy voting form. Proxy forms to be returned to VPFA Ltd secretary by Friday 10th December 2021 5pm either by email or post. All proxy forms will be acknowledged on receipt.

VPFA Secretary Email:            Postal: P O Box 928 Shepparton Vic 3632


2021 VPFA Director Elections

All current members of the VPFA will receive a ballot paper and candidate profiles in the mail in mid October 2021.

If you have not received your ballot paper in the mail by the end of October please contact the VPFA secretary.

Ballot papers need to be returned by 4pm 2oth November 2021.

There are 6 nominees for 4 available positions.

Our 2021 Nominees are in order they will appear on the ballot.

Kathy Holmes

Tony Mann

Bill Bergin

Peter Fitzgerald

Ted Brown

Lorraine Edgley

The  VPFA Board wishes all nominees all the best in the election and look forward to 2022.




The VPFA Ltd will be supplying each  VPFA Ltd affiliated club with one sash to be used at a show of their choosing.


VPFA Chairman 2021 elected by the VPFA directors on the 31st January 2021 is Brian Daniels.
Congratulations to Brian who has been a director since 2012 .

VPFA Board for 2021

Ted Brown      Neville Chiselett        Brian Daniels        Lorraine Edgley

Roger Hancock    Charles Jensen   Robert Maloney    Ian Nash      Kevin Smith       Len Wills         Alf Wood

The Board of Directors wishes all our members  success in the 2021 Show Season.  Our Directors and members are always willing to help and provide assistance to our membership. Please feel free to contact any of our directors and secretary for advice and support.


One Day Pass Rules
The person using the one day pass must be a financial member of that club and can only show at that clubs shows for that year , to show at other clubs they will then be required to purchase a VPFA membership.
Day Passes will be $15.00 with $10.00 being forwarded to the VPFA along with form containing the day pass holders details and $5.00 being kept by the club .


E journal Adult $55  Junior  $15

Hard Copy journal Adult $95   Junior $55

Family membership Hardcopy journal $95  E journal $55  Under this membership all family members show under the family name in the open section of the show.



Dear Members,

The VPFA Board of Directors are looking forward to the 2021 show year .

All Club secretaries have been sent links to government websites that give all the information required to run a COVID Safe event.

Poultry shows with less than 1000 people attending are classified as Tier 3 events and require a COVID Safe event checklist to be completed online and emailed to the email address provided. You will receive a sheet with details and a receipt number and you must display this online and at your event,

The VPFA will be providing a Champion Bird in show tri colour sash to all clubs to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

The VPFA is inviting all members past and present to celebrate our 50th Anniversary on the proposed date of 7th November 2021, venue to be decided.

Delegates Meetings 2021

  1. Warragul Poultry Club are hosting our first delegates meeting for 2021 on the 14th March.
  2. Benalla Poultry Club are hosting our second delegates meeting for 2021 on the 28th March.
  3. Possible zoom delegates meeting in April if needed.