WELCOME to the VPFA Website.

VPFA Board for 2022

Welcomes Kathy Holmes, Tony Mann.

Welcoming back for another term Lorraine Edgley and  Ted Brown

Neville Chiselett        Brian Daniels       Alf Woods

Roger Hancock    Charles Jensen   Robert Maloney       Kevin Smith       Len Wills

The Board of Directors wishes all our members  success in the 2022 Show Season.  Our Directors and members are always willing to help and provide assistance to our membership. Please feel free to contact any of our directors and secretary for advice and support.


One Day Pass Rules
The person using the one day pass must be a financial member of that club and can only show at that clubs shows for that year , to show at other clubs they will then be required to purchase a VPFA membership.
Day Passes will be $15.00 with $10.00 being forwarded to the VPFA along with form containing the day pass holders details and $5.00 being kept by the club .


E journal Adult $55  Junior  $15

Hard Copy journal Adult $95   Junior $55

Family membership Hardcopy journal $95  E journal $55  Under this membership all family members show under the family name in the open section of the show.



Dear Members,

The VPFA Board of Directors are looking forward to the 2022 show year .

There is a board meeting scheduled for 16th January 2022.

The 2022 draft show calendar will be circulated after this meeting.