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Ballarat Poultry Society  MAY SHOW  ENTRIES GO ONLINE

Exhibitors welcome to our ONLINE ENTRIES for the May show. This is being developed in conjunction with Nominate PL some of the is still in development and relates to horses so please be patient and we will all benefit. If it says Rider substitute with Exhibitor and Horse with Bird. The following is a navigation to assist you with your entries.
Click on the link below to start.
When the platform opens select Blue square on left of screen to start. In Drop down box select Rider log in if you have an account
Or Sign in to open an account if not
Click on 3 bars beside Rider Acc Info
Select Enter Events Scroll to VPFA May Show
Agree to Rules and Regs
Select are you a junior and tick Senior or Junior whichever is appropriate
It is now time to enter your birds from the standard list [tick box on right side]
We can only enter one bird per class at a time so if you have multiple birds in a class go to bottom of the list and select Add another class
When finished entering complete VPFA number enter bird in exhibit name and go to Next accept indemnity and complete payment.
Should you have any questions or need help please call Peter on 0407424052
Benalla Poultry Show April 2024
First Victorian Poultry Show on the 2024 show calendar was a huge success with Benalla Poultry Shed brimming full of 440 birds.
Thanks to our Exhibitors for coming.
Thanks to Rob Moloney, Tony Milton, Charles Jensen and Neil Penny for judging our Show.
Thanks to our Stewards Ebonie, Phillip, Caitlyn, Daniel, Courtney, Jade, Tracey, Nick, Tammy, Mandy, Liz .
Thanks to Steve, Lyn and Liz for keeping everyone fed.
Thanks to Brian for the loan of 30 plus bantam pens.
Our committee sincerely thank the set up crew and the clean up crew.
Great job everyone.
Congratulations to all who’s birds won there classes:
Champ in Show K & N Fenaughty wheaten pullet.
Res in Show Featherview Poultry white Mallard
Champ Junior Pyper Rouen Duck
Res Junior Liam Collins Aus Pit Game
Champ Eggs A Beaty
Res Eggs M Holmes

A Successful Weekend at The Melbourne Pet Show and Seymour Alternative Farming Expo

Both events attended by thousands of people.

Pet Show in Melbourne was a perfect opportunity for people to pat a chicken and ask questions on keeping poultry in your back yard.

Seymour alternative farming expo was well attended with plenty of questions on poultry keeping.

VPFA Mentor Program

Introducing VPFA Best series 2024
V.P.F.A Best Series
The Best Series is a competition run by the VPFA. A point system will be awarded to exhibitors for each category at VPFA affiliated shows with winning exhibitors presented medals at VPFA AGM.
Points will be awarded for
• Champion + reserve Standard Hard feather
• Champion + reserve Standard Soft feather
• Champion + reserve Bantam Soft feather
• Champion + reserve Bantam Hard feather
• Champion + reserve Waterfowl
• Champion + reserve Eggs
• Champion + reserve Field and forest
4 points for champion
2 points for reserve
Progressive points will be published as season is in progress then tallied at last show of year with medallions presented at AGM to champion and reserve in each category.
• Exhibitors must be a paid VPFA member 2024
• Points will only be collected at affiliated club shows where these categories are awarded
• Good luck and hope you have a great show season!
For any inquiries about joining the VPFA contact Anne Beaty 0412 002 266
A link to a list of dates for Shows affiliated with the VPFA is below:


Do you have a poultry question?  Need some advice setting up your backyard chicken coop? Not sure where to start?

Do you have chickens?

Would you like to breed chickens?

Have you ever wondered about showing chickens?

Do you have chicken related questions?

Then please get in touch with the VPFA Secretary  Email:


Update to Members

VPFA Memberships are now due. Do you wish to remain on the VPFA Judges then your  membership needs to be current. Renew Now.

Membership 2024-Membership 2024 New or Renewal updated copy

VPFA Show Calendar 2024-2024 VPFA Show Date Calendar 5


Avian Influenza

Agriculture Victoria held a free webinar on Avian Influenza. If you missed this webinar and would like further information on avian influenza and what you can to prevent your flock from being affected, then go to the Agriculture Victoria website.

VPFA Board Chairman Update

First and foremost we thank Brian Daniels for his work and dedication during his time as chairman.

We welcome our new Chairman Kevin Smith. Kevin is passionate about our hobby and looks forward to working with the VPFA Board, Clubs and Members.

Are you a member of the VPFA and having trouble with the council, then contact the secretary of the VPFA we may be able to help.

Secretary Anne:

Memberships are now due for the 2024 Show Season. If you wish to be included on the VPFA Judges List published in the journal then you need to be a current financial member.

Membership 2024-Membership 2024 New or Renewal updated copy

Club Affiliations  2024 are now due-Club-Affiliation-2024-Membership-Form RENEWAL copy

Club Affiliation 2024 have been subsidised by 50%  to $50.00.