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Would you like to Volunteer in the Pat a Chook Pen at the Melbourne Royal Show in 2022.

Further information on VPFA Members volunteering at Pat a chook Pen and VPFA table at this years Melbourne Royal Show.
Volunteers will hopefully be provided a entry pass, car par pass and a meal pass. Volunteers can volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift or both.
Morning Shift 8.30 to 1.00pm  Open to public at 9am
Afternoon Shift 1.00pm to 6.00pm Closed to public at 5.30pm to allow those in the patting pen time to exit.
These times are approximate and are to give you an idea of hours the pavilion will be open 9am to 6pm to the public, meal breaks etc will be sorted out closer to the show , when a roster is sorted out.

Please Contact the VPFA Secretary or phone 0412002266




Statement from the VPFA   Posted on VPFA   Website 9th July 2022 6.39pm


Re:       Lachlan Macdonald – Macdonald Family (Membership No. 3122)

In 2016, the VPFA received a number of complaints regarding the behaviour of Mr Lachlan Macdonald.  In response to these complaints, on 27 June 2016 the VPFA moved to suspend the Macdonald Family membership 3122 for a period of 3 ½ years (Suspension).

The Macdonald Family’s Suspension was overturned on 24 April 2017.

An independent panel convened to investigate the VPFA’s protocols found that, in the course of investigating the complaints and issuing the Suspension:

  • the VPFA Ltd Board reached conclusions in respect of Macdonald’s conduct on the basis of complaints that were unsubstantiated and lacked veracity;
  • the Macdonald Family had been denied natural justice; and
  • the VPFA Ltd Board did not respect due process.

The VPFA accepts and respects the findings of the independent panel and has previously issued written apologies to the Macdonald family.  Once again, the VPFA wishes to express its regret for the manner in which these events were handled and apologises to Lachlan Macdonald and his family for the hurt caused.

The VPFA and the Macdonald Family have agreed to resolve the matter, the terms of which are strictly confidential.  Both parties look forward to the ongoing participation in the poultry fancy.

Mr Macdonald and the Macdonald Family 3122 are VPFA members and are subject to all the Entitlements and Rules & Regulations of all VPFA members.

The VPFA is proud of the community it has fostered and wishes to emphasise that each and every VPFA member has the right to feel respected and included.  The VPFA wishes to otherwise remind all VPFA-affiliated poultry clubs of their obligation to conduct their events in accordance with VPFA Rules and Regulations, including:

  • ensuring that information as to the entries or entrants for any fixture is not disclosed to other exhibitors (rule 30); and
  • observing the proper procedure for any VPFA-affiliated body to refuse the entry of any intending exhibitor (rule 33).


VPFA Board for 2022

Welcomes Kathy Holmes, Tony Mann.

Welcoming back for another term Lorraine Edgley and  Ted Brown

Neville Chiselett        Brian Daniels       Alf Woods

Charles Jensen   Robert Maloney       Kevin Smith       Len Wills

The Board of Directors wishes all our members  success in the 2022 Show Season.  Our Directors and members are always willing to help and provide assistance to our membership. Please feel free to contact any of our directors and secretary for advice and support.


One Day Pass Rules
The person using the one day pass must be a financial member of that club and can only show at that clubs shows for that year , to show at other clubs they will then be required to purchase a VPFA membership.
Day Passes will be $15.00 with $10.00 being forwarded to the VPFA along with form containing the day pass holders details and $5.00 being kept by the club .


E journal Adult $55  Junior  $15

Hard Copy journal Adult $95   Junior $55

Family membership Hardcopy journal $95  E journal $55  Under this membership all family members show under the family name in the open section of the show.



Dear Members,

The VPFA Board of Directors are looking forward to the 2022 show year .

There is a board meeting scheduled for 16th January 2022.

The 2022 draft show calendar will be circulated after this meeting.