Australian Poultry Standards 2nd Edition


Australian Poultry Standards – Second Edition, contains nationally approved standards for 85 breeds of Fowls, Bantams, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl and Eggs.

 The book comes in two versions – standard and limited.   

 The content is identical in both versions.

Limited edition (1000 copies only)

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If you are interested in breeding, showing, or judging of poultry here is a wonderful chance for you to invest in the most comprehensive book of poultry standards produced in Australia.

Hard covered, in excess of 350 pages with 168 full coloured illustrations with the breed descriptions.

The Australian Poultry Standards is the official breed standard for poultry fancy in Australia. It is the standard of perfection from which all poultry in Australia is supposed to be judged when exhibited at poultry shows…

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