The V.P.F.A. Ltd. has developed some important Policies for the Association and Members to stand by.

Please take the time to read each Policy :

Policy No. 1 – Code of Conduct:Policy-No.-1-Code-of-Conduct-updated-30-March-2017 (14)

Policy No. 1A – A Fair Go for All VPFA Behaviour:

Policy No. 2 – Social Media:Policy-No.-2-Social-Media-Policy-updated-30-March-2017 (3)

Policy No. 3 – Child Safety:


It is also important for the V.P.F.A. Ltd. to know how to manage a complaint in future and have put together a Process document as follows :

Process No. 1 – Responding by Bullying Complaint:

Insert taken from : “Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying”

May 2016

Safe work Australia