Director Roles 2024

Board of Directors 2024:       Committee

Chairman  Prof Kevin Smith: APS Committee, Disputes Resolutions, Judges Committee.

Daniel Armeni: Exhibitors Fund, Judges Committee, Members, Expos and Seminar Committee.

Neville Chiselett: Investments Treasurer, Futures, Planning & Investments, APS Committee.

Lorraine Edgley: Editor of Journal, Future, Planning and Investments, APS Committee.

Brian Daniels: Exhibitor fund, Future, Planning and Investments, Memberships, Expos and Seminars.

Len Wills: Judges Committee, Show  Schedules.

Alf Woods: APS Chairman

Peter Ronzio: Disputes & Resolution, Exhibitors Fund.

Charles Jensen: APS Committee.

Ted Brown: Disputes & Resolution, Judges Committee.

Company Secretary  Anne Beaty: Treasurer everyday banking, Website, APS Committee, Memberships.