Best Series 2024


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Introducing VPFA Best series 2024

V.P.F.A Best Series

The Best Series is a competition run by the VPFA. A point system will be awarded to exhibitors for each category at VPFA affiliated shows with winning exhibitors presented medals at VPFA AGM.

Points will be awarded for
• Champion + reserve Standard Hard feather
• Champion + reserve Standard Soft feather
• Champion + reserve Bantam Soft feather
• Champion + reserve Bantam Hard feather
• Champion + reserve Waterfowl
• Champion + reserve Eggs
• Champion + reserve Field and forest
4 points for champion
2 points for reserve
Progressive points will be published as season is in progress then tallied at last show of year with medallions presented at AGM to champion and reserve in each category.
• Exhibitors must be a paid VPFA member 2024
• Points will only be collected at affiliated club shows where these categories are awarded
• Good luck and hope you have a great show season!
For any inquiries about joining the VPFA contact Anne Beaty 0412 002 266
A link to a list of dates for Shows affiliated with the VPFA is below: