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Alf Woods

My poultry friends, elections are being held for positions on the V.P.F.A board of directors I have been fortunate that our members have elected me to be part of the board of directors almost since the founding of the VPFA. those past and present directors started with a bank balance zero. Due to the efforts of the Fanciers Committee acting under the umbrella of the V.P.F.A it gave me as chairman of that committee the satisfaction of handing to the board a large sum of money which was part of the settlement of the Brookes Hall which I held in trust. This gave the board financial stability and enabled the board to accept the offer made at a meeting of poultry representatives from the various state bodies to produce the Australian Poultry Standards. With excellent past financial governance, we have become the leading and most successful poultry body in Australia. There is still a challenge ahead we must work hard to continue the improvement we have accomplished over the past 50 years.

I ask for your vote to enable me to continue as a director of the V.P.F.A. and continue my roll of Chairperson of The Australian Poultry Standard Committee.





Kevin Smith

VPFA Members

There has never been a better time to change the things that need to change and to maintain the traditions that make this hobby fabulous. The VPFA needs to transform itself from an old-style governing body to an advocacy agency for its members and our hobby.  We need a voice at all levels of government and to the broader community to ensure that we can keep doing what we do. We also need a much stronger focus on education – of ourselves as breeders and judges and of the general community.  I have served on the VPFA previously (in the 80/90s and recently); I have also been involved on the standards committee, with judge education and with several clubs across Victoria and nationally. I continue to be a passionate advocate for exhibition poultry and I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the VPFA again.


Kevin Smith


Bill Bergin

Fellow VPFA members.

I am standing in this election as I believe I can offer some fresh ideas for our hobby. I am not a chook encyclopedia but what I am is an ideas and planning person. I have run uni students’ balls, school fetes, mineral prospecting teams in the outback, dance parties and the Glen Alvie games. I built up a very successful business and ow work as a handyman and renovation project manager.

I think we can do more useful things with our capital to benefit current and future managers and could do more to promote poultry keeping to the general public. We call our group poultry fanciers not just purebred poultry showing enthusiasts. I enjoy talking poultry keeping with the public and volunteer each year at the Royal and also Pets in the Park when it was held.

I breed Hamburgh bantams in a suburban location, am show manager of Essendon Poultry Society and am on the RASV poultry committee. The Royal is our peak show but is really just another show, so I do not see a conflict between being on both.

If elected I will do my best to promote the poultry fancy and our wonderful hobby.


Bill Bergin



Roger Hancock

My Name is Roger Hancock, I am seeking election as a director to the VPFA board.

I have been breeding and exhibiting poultry since the age of ten, now enjoying my 31st year .  I live in Merbein in North West Victoria. Our poultry stud is Ducknuts Waterfowl.

I have been a member of the Mildura Poultry Club since age 10, being Club President for many years.  I have served on the  Mildura Show Society board since age 18, being society president for 5 years in two terms.

I am currently an open panel waterfowl judge. I am a Project Manager with Select Harvests Limited.

I am a strong advocate for a sustainable future of our wonderful hobby.  I am motivated to lead our hobby into the future, adapting to the changing demographic.

For those who know me, I am a determined person.

Some of the key areas that I have a strong focus on include:

  • Implementation of a robust judge’s education and development program
  • Increased publicity of our great hobby across various platforms and partnerships
  • Increase participation through broadening our appeal to a wider audience
  • Improved relationship with government bodies to support members

Your consideration of my nomination is greatly appreciated, as I will represent the interests of our members.


Roger Hancock



Brian Daniels

Members of the VPFA Ltd,

I have re-nominated for the Board of Directors of the VPFA. I have been a Board member for the last nine years and involved with pure bred poultry for the past 47 years. In this time, I have held many positions within poultry clubs both in Victoria and N.S.W. I breed and exhibit Modern Game Bantams, along with Soft feather bantams in partnership with my mother.

In my time on the board I have overseen the standard schedule and merchandise. As well as held various positions on sub committees and promote poultry at Pets in the Park in Malvern every year.

I am re-nominating for the Board as I believe that the board needs diverse working committee for the benefit of its members, affiliated clubs and for the promotion of purebred poultry. If re-elected I will endeavour to assist all members, encourage more to join, assist with promotion and events, support the VPFA in its decisions and help it to grow to be a better Association.

Yours faithfully

Brian Daniels


Robert  Moloney

To; the members of the Victorian Poultry Fanciers Association

In the past three years as a director of the Victorian Poultry Fanciers Association I have acted in the role of Disputes and Resolutions.

I have also been placed in two other roles

During my roles I have given respect to all members involved in the various disputes, we as directors have received.

As a Director I act on behalf of all members and will continue to do so.

Moving forward and making change is very important for all in the Poultry Fancy

Having respect for all Involved, including, Judges, Stewards and Exhibitors.

We as members must all give respect to those involved in our hobby.


If re-elected I will continue to challenge in order to make change to ensure our hobby of exhibiting poultry is protected for future generations. I therefore seek re-nomination for the upcoming re – elections.


Robert Moloney


You have now read the 6 nominations received for this years election.

There are 5 positions available:

The VPFA Board of Directors decided at our meeting on 30th September 2020 that the VPFA would put up a face book post with all nominees profiles in ballot draw order and that would be the extent of social media posting for the nominees for our election.

VPFA Board of Directors.


Avian influenza (bird flu) Link Below  1st August 2020


Statement to Affiliated Clubs and Members                           June 2020


The VPFA Ltd Board of Directors hopes everyone is well.

The Board has met and  recommends that affiliated clubs that can meet all government requirements can start organising to hold their shows

once the Victorian Government allows gatherings of 100 persons.  Please note that social distancing will apply . (1 person in 4 square metres.)


Affiliated Club show dates apply for the remainder of our 2020 calendar . Please note clubs can apply to the VPFA secretary for a new show

date if they wish.


The VPFA with the help of Martin has prepared a Poultry Club Return to Show Plan this Plan is to help clubs organise a show whilst complying

to government regulations.

As previously stated, the VPFA Ltd  insurance policy covers all normal insurance associated with affiliated clubs holding  their shows.

VPFA Ltd insurance does not cover any claims made due to the pandemic or fines associated with  breaching government regulations.


Clubs will need to seek permission from the owner of their pavilion.


The VPFA Ltd Board of Directors wishes to thank our members for there understanding .


Regards VPFA Board of Directors


Statement to Clubs and Members    May 2020

The VPFA Board of Directors is monitoring government rules on gatherings and will keep clubs informed on our recommendations on

the show calendar for 2020. At this stage shows cannot go ahead due to restrictions on gatherings and social distancing.

The VPFA Board of Directors wishes to advise our affiliated clubs and members that we have made  some decisions regarding the 2020

Show year.

The VPFA wishes to advise all clubs that our insurance policy does not cover pandemics and if clubs decide to hold their show later in

the year when and if government regulations allow, then the VPFA will not be responsible for any fines or legal action taken in the

future due to the pandemic.

The VPFA Board of Directors  have decided that Club Affiliations and Memberships paid in 2020 will be transferred to 2021.

The VPFA will not be providing sashes in 2020 for the Champion Bird in Show.

VPFA Raffle  will not be held in 2020.

VPFA 50th Anniversary will be postponed till 2021.

Journal Award Breeds for 2020 will be postponed to 2021.

2021 will see 2 separate groups of  Journal Awards 2020 and 2021 .

Journals for 2020,  Lorraine has already produced 2 journals for 2020. The Board has decided that their will be 2 more journals in

2020. Being July and October.

Regards VPFA Board of Directors

To VPFA Affiliated Clubs, VPFA Members and Community Members
After consideration of the rapidly changing information the VPFA Board of Directors must consider peoples health as a priority.
To ensure the safety of members, friends and others the VPFA strongly recommend that affiliated clubs consider cancelling all

planned club events including shows, sales and meetings from the 17/3/2020 until further notice. This recommendation will be

reviewed periodically.

The VPFA Board of Directors understands this is disappointing and will affect many people , but the safety of everyone is paramount.

Poultry Shows and sales are non-essential events and distance requirements cannot be meet.
The Board of Directors have not taken this decision lightly and will be continually reviewing our decision.

VPFA Board of Directors

The V.P.F.A. Limited was founded in 1970 to meet the needs of poultry breeders and exhibitors in Victoria to promote Pure Bred Poultry.

The V.P.F.A Limited represents 40 affiliated Clubs and Societies across the State, with a base membership of approximately 250 people. These Clubs and Members support more than 65 shows across the State during the period April to August.

The Victorian Poultry Fanciers Association Limited (V.P.F.A.) also trades under the name of  “POULTRY STUD BREEDERS & EXHIBITORS VICTORIA”.

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