COLLINGWOOD CHILDREN’S FARM – Reinvigorating our old inbred poultry

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Hello on behalf of the farm I have been given the job of
looking into reinvigorating our heritage breeds of poultry . Currently
we have  just put our first clutch through but we have found the heavier
standard breeds are a little bit slow to get up & going . Even if we
tried to set early season clutches it does not help if they don’t lay.

We are really struggling to keep a viable Black Orpington flock , we are
down  to 3  hens & 1  cock  if you could help with either fertile eggs
or  birds it would be great. Our Scots greys were rescued from Horsehoe
bend  farm before they were all eaten  by their staff, just before it
closed due to lack  of government funding we have  (2 cocks & 4 hens) ,
either eggs or birds would be  welcome.  Hazel Fawkes hopefully  will be
able help us with our Salmon Faverolle’s I’m awaiting fertilised eggs
from her soon . Unfortunately I have  lost my light Sussex mentor in
Jack Pavey.  He and his wife Kerry genuinely enjoyed coming out for a
coffee &  Jack  liked to  impart his knowledge with great results in
just a few years. We now have a pretty good free range flock of 15 hens
& 3 cocks (who love to terrorise the patrons for food ) . Meg Miller was
one  of the chief contacts  with setting us up with our rare breeds. She
over the years has been wonderful with knowledge & contacts. Our brown
leghorns could also do with some new blood we have a flock of 10  hens &
one old  cock.

Our mixed coloured flock of Silkie’s are starting to lose a bit of
size, that I guess will have  to be looked into also.

Last but not we have some free range Muscovy’s who due to old age are
not viable breeders anymore. We also have Chinese geese again due to old
age & lack of fertility their  numbers have  dwindled. As you can see I
have my hands well & truly full with a lot work  to do. That is why to
maintain  & improve our standards  I am asking for your members
assistance . We want to continue showcase & educating  both children &
adults both public & on our school tours about these beautiful & diverse
birds. I would be happy to show yourself &  your  members around. The
farm averages over a hundred thousand patrons a year . I  would be very
happy to refer your members as a source  for certain breed as we are
constantly bombarded all year round with  people wanting hens &
cockerel’s . All our birds are vaccinated & wormed. We also intergrate
into the weekly cleaning routines at least either supported volunteer
groups comprising  of both adults & school groups . I hope eventually we
could start showing with the help of our young farmers program .

Thank you for your time Nick Karavokiros Farm Supervisor & man in charge
of chooks. Please call me during working hrs on 03 9417 5806 or email me at

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This post was written by Elizabeth Montgomerie

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