2017 Show Dates


Benalla & District Poultry Club4th Sunday23.04.17
Dandenong Poultry & Kennel1st Saturday06.05.17
Geelong & District Poultry Club Super Show2nd Saturday13.05.17
Wangaratta Poultry Club3rd Sunday21.05.17
Ballarat Poultry Society Inc.4th Saturday27.05.17
Mountain District Poultry Society4th Saturday27.05.17
Euroa & District Poultry Club4th Sunday28.05.17
Gippsland Riviera Poultry Club4th Sunday28.05.17
Border Tall & All Game Poultry Club1st Sunday04.06.17
Portland & Heywood Poultry Club1st Sunday04.06.17
Victorian Waterfowl Association2nd Saturday10.06.17
Kyneton & District Poultry Club2nd Sunday11.06.17
Alpine Poultry Club2nd Monday12.06.17
Wimmera Poultry Club Inc.3rd Saturday17.06.17
Benalla & District Poultry Club3rd Sunday18.06.17
Colac Poultry Club Inc.3rd Sunday18.06.17
Essendon Poultry Society4th Sunday25.06.17
Mildura & District Poultry & P.F.C.4th Sunday25.06.17
Australorp Club of Victoria1st Saturday01.07.17
Langshan Club of Victoria1st Saturday01.07.17
Leghorn Club of Victoria1st Saturday01.07.17
Pekin Bantam Club of Victoria1st Saturday01.07.17
Wyandotte Club of Victoria1st Saturday01.07.17
Victorian Poultry & Kennel Club - Softfeather Show1st Saturday01.07.17
Echuca & District Poultry Club1st Sunday02.07.17
Royal Melbourne Poultry Show2nd Saturday08.07.17
Royal Melbourne Poultry Show2nd Sunday09.07.17
Mountain District Poultry Society3rd Saturday15.07.17
Warragul Poultry Club3rd Sunday16.07.17
Indian Game Club of Victoria3rd Sunday16.07.17
Warrnambool & District Poultry Club3rd Sunday16.07.17
Portland & Heywood Poultry Club4th Sunday23.07.17
Gippsland Riviera Poultry Club4th Sunday23.07.17
The Game Club of Victoria5th Saturday29.07.17
Bendigo Poultry Club Inc.5th Sunday30.07.17
Shepparton & Goulburn Valley Poultry Society1st Sunday06.08.17
Camperdown Poultry Club1st Sunday06.08.17
Mildura & District Poultry & P.F.C.1st Sunday06.08.17
Geelong & District Poultry Club 2nd Saturday12.08.17
Rhode Island Club of Victoria2nd Saturday12.08.17
Alexandra Poultry Club2nd Sunday13.08.17
Victorian Rare & New Breeds Poultry Society3rd Saturday19.08.17
Wimmera Poultry Club Inc.3rd Saturday19.08.17
Central Victorian Wyandotte Club3rd Sunday20.08.17
Ballarat Poultry Society Inc.4th Saturday26.08.17