2019 Show Dates

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NOTE:  this table is yet to be updated.  Once dates are confirmed the below table will match the attached document.

Benalla & District Poultry Club4th Sunday28.04.19
Dandenong Poultry & Kennel1st Saturday04.05.19
Geelong & District Poultry Club Super Show2nd Saturday11.05.19
Western Region3rd Saturday18.5.19
Wangaratta Poultry Club3rd Sunday19.05.19
Ballarat Poultry Society Inc.4th Saturday25.05.19
Mountain District Poultry Society4th Saturday25.05.19
Euroa & District Poultry Club4th Sunday26.05.19
Gippsland Riviera Poultry Club4th Sunday26.05.19
Border Tall & All Game Poultry Club1st Sunday02.06.19
Portland & Heywood Poultry Club1st Sunday02.06.19
Victorian Waterfowl Association2nd Saturday08.06.19
Kyneton & District Poultry Club2nd Sunday09.06.19
Wimmera Poultry Club Inc.3rd Saturday15.06.19
Benalla & District Poultry Club3rd Sunday16.06.19
Colac Poultry Club Inc.3rd Sunday16.06.19
Game Club of Victoria4th Saturday22.06.19
Mildura & District Poultry & P.F.C.4th Sunday23.06.19
Essendon Poultry Club1st Sunday30.06.19
Australorp Club of Victoria1st Saturday06.07.19
Langshan Club of Victoria1st Saturday06.07.19
Leghorn Club of Victoria1st Saturday06.07.19
Pekin Bantam Club of Victoria1st Saturday06.07.19
Wyandotte Club of Victoria1st Saturday06.07.19
Victorian Poultry & Kennel Club - Softfeather Show1st Saturday06.07.19
Echuca & District Poultry Club1st Sunday07.07.19
Warrnambool & District Poultry Club2nd Sunday14.07.19
Western Region3rd Saturday20.07.19
Warragul Poultry Club3rd Sunday21.07.19
Footscray Poultry Club4th Saturday27.07.19
Portland & Heywood Poultry Club4th Sunday28.07.19
Gippsland Riviera Poultry Club4th Sunday28.07.19
Bendigo Poultry Club Inc.5th Sunday28.07.19
Mountain District Poultry Club1st Saturday03.08.19
Shepparton & Goulburn Valley Poultry Society1st Sunday04.08.19
Camperdown Poultry Club1st Sunday04.08.19
Mildura & District Poultry & P.F.C.1st Sunday04.08.19
Geelong & District Poultry Club 2nd Saturday10.08.19
Alexandra Poultry Club2nd Sunday11.08.19
Victorian Rare & New Breeds Poultry Society3rd Saturday17.08.19
Wimmera Poultry Club Inc.3rd Saturday17.08.19
Ballarat Poultry Society Inc.4th Saturday24.08.19
Rhode Island Red Club4th Saturday24.08.19
Alpine Poultry Club4th Saturday26.10.19
updated as at 10.02.19